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From the very beginning of her life-or so it seemed-Sheila was prepping herself for a career in psychic entertainment.

Since the time she was four years old, Sheila has been interested in mythologies, games and history. She was having fun with her Ouija board and reading about gypsies and spiritualism while all the other children were learning card tricks.

At Halloween, she drove her mom and dad to pure distraction by refusing to be anything but a Gypsy. It was Gypsy or nothing. And if you know strong-willed Sheila, you know that she would make it her number one priority to deliver herself to neighborhood doorsteps, candy sack in hand, dressed in the full Romish getup: bandanna, hoop earrings. Which she did. And-although it would take Sheila years to perfect her act and take palm reading mobile-even at this early age, her interests were clear.

What started with Gypsy costumes and Ouija boards led to an act that Sheila developed, where she impersonated and recreated the act of that notorious woman of the days of early spiritualism, Anna Eva Fay, a routine that brought to life the heyday of spiritualism, table-rapping, and sealed message reading.

And so it was natural and perhaps to be expected that she would eventually come to fortune-telling and through fortune-telling to palm reading. A natural progression.

Sheila is one of America's foremost psychic entertainers-a lifelong student of parapsychology and the divinatory arts. Sheila's special blend of warmth, humor, showmanship, and audience involvement has captivated people everywhere.

Sheila has been featured in the Reader's Digest World Video Mysticism, and the magazines National Geographic Travel, Seattle, and Endless Vacation. She will also be seen in the near future on Animal Planet channel with Wendy Diamond, editor of Animal Life.

Sheila's clients include: Fox Sports TV • The Westin Hotel • Nordstrom’s • Harper Collins • Union Bay Clothing • Microsoft • Publishing • Boeing • Seattle Mariners • HBO • • AEI Music • • Alaska Airlines • Emerald Downs • Starbucks • Redhook Brewery • Real Networks • The Sheraton Hotel • And many more!

Sheila is co-author of Palms UP! A Handy Guide to 21st Century Palmistry, published by Penguin books.

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