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"How many palms can you read during an event?" Event planners frequently ask this question.

Let's do the math: how many palms can a reader read in a three hour gig for the BigCorps New Year's Eve bash? Imagine that one of the event coordinators has asked you to limit your readings to a maximum of five minutes. In fact, many of the event planners that Sheila has worked for have asked her to do just that.

Instead of each person getting their own private reading, which may extended well beyond the allotted time, Sheila can read groups of 5 to 500 at a time. If Sheila has 50 people in 50 chairs, she can read all their palms a brief time, then another group of 50 can come in. It's fun, upbeat and interactive.

She teaches them how to read their own palms. For example, Sheila would say, "Help me out, if you will, by holding up your hands, fingers to the sky. We're going to look at your index finger and ring finger to see which one is longer...." Pretty soon, everyone is examining each others hands, and are anxious to take this new skill home.

In fact many of the event planners that she has worked for are amazed at the number of people she can read in one evening or day, using a private hotel room or outdoor tent.

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Sheila's act is sophisticated enough for large corporate social occasions, yet personal enough for small dinner parties!

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