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Psychic 101: "The Fascination of Divination"

Lecture-demonstration with slideshow
Historical overview and highlights
The basics of palmistry & numerology
Audience participation throughout

Well-known psychic entertainer Sheila Lyon goes on the college lecture circuit to delight students with her upbeat exploration of the origin, history and techniques of divination.

Sheila begins with an historical overview that touches on divination's roots in the dim past, its major branches in ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and the Orient, and its perennial flowering in every time, place and culture. Along the way she discusses the relationship between symbol systems, methodologies and intuition, and shows how the surprising accuracy of divinatory techniques can often be explained as the opening of a "window" into our unconscious intuitive capacities. Students become participants as she gives demonstrations, shares techniques, and teaches the rudiments of palm reading and numerology. Sheila ends with a demonstration of her own divinatory powers...a feat that defies explanation and leaves audiences mystified, delighted...and wanting more.

Divination: The Eternal Quest
Since the dawn of recorded history, and in every known civilization, humankind has devised techniques for piercing the veil separating present from future. Today, though the most prestigious prognosticators are probably economists, futurists, and other "scientific" soothsayers, the traditional divinatory arts... palmistry, numerology, tea leaves, the I Ching, astrology, the tarot, and countless other methods of foretelling the future... remain very much alive, and interest in them is widespread and growing.

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Sheila's act is sophisticated enough for large corporate social occasions, yet personal enough for small dinner parties!

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