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Sheila provided a fun and upbeat interaction that kept my co-workers engaged, interested and at the party until the very end. I received many compliments for hiring such a dynamic and entertaining person and wouldn't hesitate to hire her again...

Todd Sloan, Local Sales Manager
Fox Sports Net Northwest!

The Boeing Company is very pleased with the exceptional entertainment you provided for our Boeing Communicators Meeting. You were the hit of our evening's team building social on board the Spirit of Seattle.

People are still talking about your palm readings. What a fantastic ice breaker. Please use me as a reference. I would love to let people know what a fun addition you are to corporate social events.

I especially enjoyed that you were able to play with people in a way that made them feel good about themselves and allowed their peers to have fun with them. When I first suggested a palm reader there were many raised eyebrows.After the event I got many accolades for suggesting you.

Thank you for making me look good! I look forward to being able to use your services again.

Maryann DiPasquale
Corporate Meeting Planner
The Boeing Company

Thanks so much for being a part of BRAINWAVES! The cast and crew all appreciated your help with our show on Scary Science. The magic shop was a great location for our story, and you did an excellent job showing us tricks and explaining the science behind magic.

We hope you enjoyed being a part of our program as much as we enjoyed meeting and working with you.

Karen Calvert Warner

Thank you for your support of the Student Wellness Program at The Art Institute of Seattle. Your friendly personality and wonderful insights were very popular with our students!

We are very grateful that you were willing to participate in this program and look forward to working with you again in the future. Due to the positive responses we received from this program, we are hoping to do it again for the fall quarter.

Your participation definitely helped make it a successful program.Thank you once again!

Johnny Kim, MSW AIS Counselor

Thank you so much for being a part of TMA's night with the "stars". You were a big hit. People are still commenting about your canny ability to read one's palm.

Rick The Mortgage Authority

Psychic Entertainers Association gratefully acknowledge Sheila Lyon for her outstanding, and quite frankly, remarkable performance before the membership and guests during the "Meeting of the Minds" in Atlanta, Georgia.

I wanted to write and thank you so much for the great job you did for our Christmas Party. The fun of palm reading, numbers, fortunes greatly added to the success of our annual party. Everyone had a delightful time and we look forward to having your again for our party next year.

Julie Froning
Financial Consultant
Fronting Accounting and Financial, Inc.

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    Your performance at our annual Christmas dinner was absolutely wonderful. Everybody, children and adults alike, gathered around you and gave you their full attention. Your magic was mystifying, and your humor was just what the doctor ordered.

    I want to also thank the Gypsy Kids. It's great that you are giving kids a chance to learn magic and perform. Their closing act was fantastic. People have come to my office after the event, and they are wondering how you and kids did what your did.

    Also, as you know, our AIDS outreach program operates on a slim budget. Therefore, we very much appreciate your willingness to donate your magic services, and perform for our annual Christmas event at no charge. Thank you!
    I hope many others may have the opportunity to enjoy your magic!

    Bjorn Thomas
    Program Director
    Helpers of People With AIDS
    Catholic Community Services of Snohomish County

    Thank you for your palm reading entertainment at our Jaycee's get together for new members. I have never laughed so hard. I'm still going around looking at people's hands. It was great learning about each other in an entertaining, fun manner.

    I was really surprised how many men enjoyed this palm reading event. I definitely am going to recommend you for our regional meeting. Thanks again.

    Karen Lindsy
    West Seattle Jaycees

    I just wanted to thank you for all your help at our event in the San Juans recently. I appreciated it!

    United States Senator Patty Murray

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